Bowel Scope Screening Programme

The Bowel Scope Screening Programme is a new national screening programme. Men and women will be invited for a ‘one off’ Bowel Scope Screening around the time of their 55th birthday. Bowel Scope Screening is via a flexible sigmoidoscopy which looks at the inside of the lower bowel.

The Bowel Scope Screening Programme will be offered in addition to the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme which starts at 60 years.

Sheffield will ‘go live’ from the 6th October. Invitations will be sent out and screening is expected to commence in the first week in December 2014

A national patient leaflet is available to enable individuals to make a choice about whether to participate in the Bowel Scope Screening Programme. The leaflet explains in details what individuals should expect when participating in the Bowel Scope Screening Programme, including the benefits and risks associated with the screening. 

Patient Information Leaflet:

Public Health England information on Bowel and other Screening: