Easy Read Information Leaflets

The Easyhealth website was made so that people know where to find ‘accessible’ health information . ‘Accessible’ information is information that uses easy words with pictures.

How to Complain Leaflet/sites/default/files/kcfinder/How%20to%20Complain%20Leaflet.pdf

Link to Easyhealth information: http://www.easyhealth.org.uk/

Below are links to just some of the leaflets available on the Easyhealth site.

Cold & Flu Information: http://www.easyhealth.org.uk/listing/colds-and-flu-(leaflets)

Complaining: http://www.easyhealth.org.uk/listing/complaining-(leaflets)

Confidenitality :http://www.easyhealth.org.uk/listing/confidentiality-(leaflets)

Consent: http://www.easyhealth.org.uk/listing/consent-(leaflets)

If you think there is anything we could do to make visits to the surgery easier for you please let us know.