Satellite Surgeries

The practice is one of 4 sites across the city hosting out of hours appointments to support primary care in Sheffield, it operates Monday to Friday 6 pm to 10 pm - Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.  This is in addition to our existing extended hours surgeries.

Patients come to the practice from the surrounding area, but this service has no impact on the care of our registered patients as it is a completely separate service.  

Information leaflets: /sites/default/files/kcfinder/PCS_Satellite_leaflet_4pp_web.pdf

The opening of the practice for evenings and weekends is part of a wider programme across the city to improve access to primary care. Crookes, along with two other practices in other parts of the city and a further site at the Northern General Hospital, are open for extended hours in the evening and weekends for urgent, booked appointments.

1. The initial selection of the sites was made by asking all the GP practices in the city to consider being one of the four sites planned. At this stage any practice that was interested in providing the service was given a set of criteria to demonstrate suitability. Whilst there was no specific public consultation at this stage with any local communities, because no decisions had been made as to where the sites would be, public and patients have been involved from the outset through the Citizens Reference Group and Healthwatch.    

2. The criteria for selecting the sites did include accessibility to public transport links and adequate parking and disabled access

3.  In selecting the sites we also needed to ensure that the practices chosen were spaced out reasonably across the city. One essential criteria was that there would be a practice for the north west, the north, the south west and the south east. The Crookes practice was the only one to express an interest for the north west sector of the city. We also used a panel of citizens from the Citizens reference Group to help assess the suitability of the practices against the agreed criteria.

Steven Haigh

Sheffield Joint Provider Partnership Lead and Director of Primary Care Sheffield