Test Results

When booking a blood test please make a 10 min appointment with our Phlebotomist.

We are unable to contact all patients with their results as we receive in excess of 100 every day.

Please check how you will receive your results with the doctor or nurse who arranges your test. Blood test results usually come back to us in a few days but can take upto a week.  Other tests take longer but are usually with us within a week. 

You may be asked to telephone the surgery or make a follow up appointment. If the result of your test needs urgent treatment we will contact you by telephone, if it is less urgent but still needs action we will contact you by letter. 

When checking if we have your results back, please call us after 2.30 pm when the results for each day will have been checked by a gp and recorded in the patients notes.  Our receptionists will be able to tell you if your results are back and if you need to be seen again but they will not be able to tell you what the results mean.

Our reception staff will not be able to give you the result of hospital tests, these results go to whoever ordered them at the hospital.  When requesting these results please contact the hospital department or consultant who ordered them. 

If you are dropping samples at the practice for testing please let us have them before 1.00 pm.