Updating Your Contact Details

Change of Personal Details

Please notify us If you have changed your name or address, if we do not have upto date information we may not be able to contact you in an emergency. Please also check that the new address you are living at is still in our practice area.

For change of name we  have to see a deed poll document or a marriage certificate, we cannot officially change your name without seeing these documents.

If you are not legally changing your name, but are known as something other than your registered first name, please let us know as we can add a 'Known as' name to your notes, ie. using middle names rather than 1st names.

If you have changed your address we need to see a bill with your new address on it, if you have one, we have to check that you are still living within the practice area.

Please remember to update us if you change your telephone number.  If you change your mobile number and dont tell us you will not receive appointment reminders.

 Change of Details Form: Download