Childhood Flu Protection and Nasal Flu

Flu can be very serious for anyone who catches it and is especially dangerous if passed on to children who have asthma or a weakened immune system. Children are very good at spreading flu - they often catch it at school or nursey and make people ill at home, or they catch flu at home and make the other children ill at school or nursery.
By vaccinating your child against flu you protect them, and make it much harder for the flu virus to spread.  You also protect your family and friends. 
The recommended flu vaccine isn't an injection, it's a nasal spray. The nurse places the tip of a thin plastic tube just inside the nostril and sprays a mist of tiny droplets into the nose and then they do the same for the other nostril.
Children should not be given the nasal spray if they are allergic to eggs, egg proteins, gentamicin, gelatin or any of the other ingredients of the spray, if they have a weak immune system, have severe asthma or wheezing, are taking aspirin or any medication that has aspirin in it. Children who can not receive the nasal spray may stll be able to have a flu jab. 
**Please note the nasal spray contains porcine gelatin.
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