Our Services

We can provide  trained chaperones for intimate examinations, and you are always welcome to have a friend or relative present at your consultation.
**Please be aware that we use specially trained members of our administration/reception staff as chaperones, as well as members of our nursing team. 

Ear Syringing: 
Our nurses can syringe your ears at the surgery, but if you are having ear pain you will usually be asked to see a doctor to make sure you do not have any infection first.  You will usually have to put drops or warm olive oil in your ears for at least a week before your appointment date. 

NHS Health Checks:
General Health Screenning for patients aged 40 - 74 years who do not have long term conditions.  The screening helps to detect illness before it becomes a problem. 

Antenatal care:
You do not have to see a doctor to be referred to a midwife.  We are fortunate to work closely with a team of Community midwives, who provide excellent continuity of care. If you are newly pregnant please make a 1 hour appointment with one of our midwives in their clinic, they will then arrange any hospital visits, scans etc.

All the GP’s and nurses can provide a range of contraception information and advice.
Dr Heather Inniss is  able to fit contraceptive implants at the practice. If you are interested in this form of contraception please contact the practice to make an appointment to discuss the procedure.  We have a waiting list for this service. 
Dr Elizabeth Wolff & Dr Julie White fit contraceptive coils, but patients need to make an appointment to discuss the procedure with one of them prior to having a coil fitted.  We have a waiting list for this service.
Other forms of contraception and advice are available from our gps and nursing staff including emergency contraception treatment and advice.  If you wish to be prescribed the contraceptive pill please make an appointment with a GP for your first prescription and then with one of our practice nurses for regular pill check appointments.  We will not be able to continue to prescribe your medication with out regular blood pressure and health checks.

Please see one of our GP’s who can discuss vasectomy with you and make a referral. Alternatively you can arrange this at Sheffield Contraception and Sexual Health (SCaSH) on 0114 3054000.

Termination of Pregnancy:
All our doctors provide counselling for termination of pregnancy. The Morning After Pill is also available at the NHS Walk in Centre at the Sheffield GP City Centre Clinic, Broad Lane (8am-10pm).

Translation service:
We can provide a translation service on request. However please give the surgery time to organise this for your consultation. Please ask our reception staff for further information.