Smoking Advice

Thinking about stopping smoking? We can help.
Why quit? To improve your health, save money, protect the health of your family, your skin and teeth will look better, you won’t smell of stale tobacco and you will cut the risk of fire at home.
Smoking advisers work at more than 70 places across Sheffield including GP Practices, pharmacies, dental practices and community centres.  There is also Quit Stop in the city centre, 39 Charles Street, for advice and information.
Your first visit to an adviser will take about 20 – 30 minutes, during this  visit the adviser will talk to you about smoking and work with you to decide if you would like to use medication to help you quit.  They will give you lots of tips and advice on quitting, beating cravings, alternatives to smoking and ideas to help you stay quit.
To receive stop smoking medication you will need to see a GP first.
Tips to help you quit: get support  don’t do it alone, change your routine to avoid the temptation to smoke, make your home a smoke free zone and save your cigarette money for something special.
If you are still a smoker and would like help and guidance regarding smoking and your health, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help.   
For leaflets, referrals and more information please contact the surgery.