Young Persons Services

Children and Young People aged 13-16 years GDPR
Updated on 20th  June 2018 at 12.41
With immediate effect and to adhere to the new GDPR regulations all patients aged 13, 14 and 15 have the right to confidentiality in all matters relating to their health and medical records.
Parents and legal guardians will no longer have access to online services for this group of patients. Once the patient reaches the age of 13 their online services account will be closed and the patient will need to re-apply themselves.
All patients currently in this age bracket have had their online records ended and a letter inviting them to re-apply has been posted out.
Also any parent wishing to get lab results, pathology,
X-ray etc. for any of their children who are aged 13 to 16 years will not be able to do so without first getting the young person to give us their consent to disclose this information.
We realise that this may cause concern, upset and inconvenience to parents but we must adhere to the new GDPR regulations. If ringing in for any results for a young person of this age group the reception staff have been instructed to gain verbal consent from the patient before disclosure. Please be understanding in this and ensure the patient is with you when you ring or attend the Practice as no information will be given out to you without their permission