Electronic Prescription Service

If you currently have repeat medication, you do not have to visit your Gp practice to pick up your paper prescription.  Instead, your GP can send it electronically to the pharmacist you choose, who will have it ready for you to collect, saving you time.  You have more choice about where to get your medication from because it can be collected from a pharmacy near where you live, work or shop. Ask your chemist about nominating them as your chemist of choice. 

If you are a new patient with the practice you need to make sure that you contact the chemist you want your scripts to go to so they can change your nomination for you.  If you dont do this they will continue to go to your previous chemist.
Patients can use the NHS App to nominate pharmacies
Patients can now view, set and change their nominated Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) pharmacy using the NHS App. 
Nomination removes the need for patients to collect FP10s from their practice and drop them off at a pharmacy. It also allows them to send their prescriptions to the pharmacy closest to their home or to one that can deliver their medicines.
This new feature does not apply to dispensing appliance contractors or patients registered at dispensing practices. To nominate an online-only pharmacy, patients must register with the pharmacy through their website or contact them directly.